Current Prayer Requests:

Christ Is Risen Indeed!

Pray with us that the Resurrected Jesus will become real in the lives of seeking men and women in the Holy Land.

Please pray for some of BethBC‘s graduates who have been suffering from different illnesses. May the Lord heal their bodies so they can enjoy it with their family and friends.

Pray for the Bible College students who are working on their final projects before graduation.

Please pray for the Shepherd Society’s ministry and its continuous work with the refugees in Jordan and the poor families in Bethlehem. May the Lord use them to show the true love of God with others.

Pray with us for more financial resources from Canadians to support much needed scholarships for BethBC students…in Bethlehem, Nazareth, Gaza and around the Arabic-speaking world via on-line studies.

Remember in prayer the on-going reconciliation ministry of Musalaha!

HOPE’s Purpose

HOPE Outreach of Canada exists so that our neighbours worldwide and particularly those in the Holy Land come to know Jesus and as His fully committed followers, promote His true and lasting peace.