The Shepherd Society was established in Bethlehem in June 1996 when several Palestinian pastors and Christian leaders felt called to extend Christ’s love in a practical way to those in great need within their community. The goal of the Shepherd Society is to provide means for the global community and Christians worldwide to encourage and financially assist the struggling Palestinian people in the West Bank. The name “The Shepherd Society” is a reference to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who told his disciple Peter to care for his sheep (John 21:16). This imagery was later used by the apostle Peter to instruct church leaders in caring for the needy when he said, “Shepherd the flock of God which is among you” (1 Peter 5:2-4). In Bethlehem, where shepherds still care for their flocks on the hillsides, The Shepherd Society is continuing Peter’s mission.


A needy family receives help

An interview with George Abdo, Director of the Shepherd Society

HOPE’s Canadian Board Member, Leslie Bartley, interviewed George Abdo, the Director of the Shepherd Society. Listen to excerpts from that interview.


George Abdo

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