HOPE Outreach of Canada exists so that our neighbours worldwide and particularly those in the Holy Land come to know Jesus and as His fully committed followers, promote His true and lasting peace.
Further, HOPE Outreach of Canada exists in order that the following are achieved:
Many people come to know Jesus and become His fully committed followers.
  • Ongoing Christian education is facilitated and sustained.
  • Well trained Christian education graduates continue their service for the Lord building disciples in their community and region.
Capacity is built in the local church community.
  • The Christian community is encouraged and strengthened.
  • Practical, spiritual, and financial needs are met.
  • Leadership in the Christian community is developed
Christian compassion is applied in practical ways to improve the quality of life.
  • Health status is improved for needy people.
  • Practical life needs are met.
  • Reconciliation, conflict resolution, and peace are advanced.
The flow of Christian out-migration from the Holy Land is reduced.
The Canadian Christian community is informed, engaged, and called to Jesus' action to support missions through HOPE Outreach.

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